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Dang Gnats!™ in “How A Certain Bug Can Really Ruin a Picnic”

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Bugs can ruin a picnic, all right. Hey. Wait a minute. What’s with the inter-insect prejudice? Can’t we all get along? Well, okay, the gnats don’t like mosquitoes. Who does? I will tell you this. I, gnat whisperer, Walt Jaschek, am the frequent target of mosquitoes. They looooove me. To bite me, that is. But I have found sure cures. These!

Right. Essential oils. A little dab of peppermint, or rosemary, or any of them, really, and the mosquitoes stay far away. Big bonus: you don’t smell like bug spray. You smell like an essential oil. You can go back inside proudly smelling yourself.

This has been a public service of Dang Gnats, Walt Jaschek, and  Top 8 Essential Oils. You’re welcome.

Dang Gnats!™ in “The Correct Method of Determining the Heat Index in Weather Forecasting”

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Oh, ho! So that’s how heat index calculation works. We always thought so. But, you know, we bet a professional weather forecaster or meteorologist might disagree. Comments?
Walt Jaschek asks: Should we get this device?

Dang Gnats!™ in “A Tony-Stark-Like Secret, Meaning Not a Secret At All”

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Yeah, that’s not exactly a surprise, “Tony.” Cool armor, though.

By Walt Jaschek

P.S. Iron Man #1 still the best Marvel movie, arguably. The Avengers #1  in second place. Or, gnats don’t know, rotate the two. Call it a tie. We like these collections:


Dang Gnats!™ in “Great Dang Minds Think Alike!”

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We love your dang goods, Dang Foods, and think you should consider sponsoring Dang Gnats! Or maybe WE should sponsor YOU! 😉

By Walt Jaschek

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Dang Gnats™ in “How to Succeed Through Visual Learning”

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It’s important for teachers to know various learning styles and to incorporate all of them. No, we’re just kidding, this strip is kind of gross, actually.

By Walt Jaschek

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Dang Gnats!™ in “True Feelings About Feel-Good Movies”

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We know how you feel, gnat. We know how you feel.

By Walt Jaschek

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Dang Gnats!™ in “The Naked and the Nude”

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Well, that was an important moment of self-realization!

By Walt Jaschek

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